Should Every Social Media Manager Be Under 25?

2 thoughts on “Should Every Social Media Manager Be Under 25?”

  1. Cheers. Applause. Confetti. Loved the post and your take on all of it. It is so easy to get wrapped up into the emotional aspect of the conversation and to react so quickly by agreeing or disagreeing. Many of those who commented on Sloane’s position came off just as ignorant and immature as she did.

    Fact is, companies are looking to graduates to understand these channels and come up with great ideas on how to use them. Your grasp on the tools and platforms are important, but not nearly as important as how to use them for business and marketing. Once you understand the category, the brand and the consumer you’ll really be able to hit the ground running for a brand.

    Great job, great post.

  2. After reading this article, I honestly hadn’t even thought about the fact that those of us in our 20’s probably shouldn’t be given the responsibility of managing many of the large brands that exist today. I don’t even think that I would want to be given that responsibility, even though I have had over a years experience in managing social media for several small businesses.
    I also agree with the fact that Sloane was not professional when she wrote the article. Oftentimes I thought she was just being winy. I felt as though she is a main reason why millennials have received such a bad reputation in the past year.
    I enjoyed your thoughts on the article, and I whole heartedly agree with them all.

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