Social Media: Could It Have Changed 9/11?

3 thoughts on “Social Media: Could It Have Changed 9/11?”

  1. Wow, so many insightful thoughts in this blog post. I’m with you 100%. When I wrote my post on this topic I, for some reason, hadn’t thought of the people in the planes reaching out to their loved ones via social media to say their last goodbyes. It really has me thinking about how different it would have been having an idea of what was going through those peoples’ heads. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where to start? Very well written, extremely thoughtful and I am impressed. It’s rare that I get so caught up in a blog post and both your writing and points have captured my attention.

    Very nice job and you did a great job wrapping it all up. I do hope we never have to find out either.

  3. This was a fantastic post to read. You did a lovely job. I really liked your comment: “Social media has no way of stopping tragedies, it’s not a superhero.” It’s true. Social media doesn’t have a way of stopping tragedies from happening and you’re right, for better or for worse, it affects how we view these tragedies. Sometimes I wish social media wasn’t around so we could all take a moment and not be bombarded with so many pictures, harsh statuses, videos and false information. But at times it makes me feel connected and aware. You’re post really got me thinking, good work!

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