Facebook Doesn’t Like Memes.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Doesn’t Like Memes.”

  1. Great post! I agree completely in that Facebook’s new algorithm can be useful for certain things such as what types of information we gain from businesses and brands. The very fact that they are also making changes to what our friends post is absurd. I think a lot of us can agree that Facebook should stay away from the personal information we acquire because so many of us have different techniques or reasons we use the site. What information we want to know about our friends is our business and no one else’s.

  2. Completely agree that Facebook’s algorithm is great for getting rid of memes and spam from businesses. But Facebook is crossing the line when this algorithm is filtering friends “low quality” posts. Facebook is the perfect platform to keep in touch with friends and seeing what they have been up too. It is difficult to do this when they filter out posts from people who I haven’t communicated with in a while. How do they know what posts i find “high quality” or “low quality”. I agree with the fact that Facebook needs to stay away from filtering our friends posts.

  3. Great post, Cesar! I completely agree that Facebook should use the algorithm in order to delete or add more posts by brands, actors and singers I follow. I agree that Facebook should not come in the way of selecting what posts from friends should or should not appear on my timeline.

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