Bored of the usual stuff? Expand yourself.

3 thoughts on “Bored of the usual stuff? Expand yourself.”

  1. Good post. I like how you incorporated ways in which you use each of them based on what you thought were the most useful attributes. I agree with you when you make a final note that venturing outside the norm is a good thing because that way it opens your mind to new and exciting things. Today we live in a fast paced world, where information is easy to obtain. This is a great thing but there are also disadvantages to this. Since people are now more impatient and get bored easier, the information they acquire from different social media sites, needs to constantly be changing.

  2. You make an excellent point in addressing how our generation gets easily bored. This creates a huge opportunity for brands to push the limits of marketing until there are no limits at all. People want to be exposed to new and exciting things, which gives brands the opportunity to be rewarded for innovation. As you addressed, Apple is a prime example of a brand that used this fact an enormous opportunity to create iTunes radio.

  3. I like your point about having preferred social media sites for different purposes. Each site has their strengths and weaknesses, and an experienced user visits different mediums depending on what they are looking for. I also enjoy stumbleupon, but the ingrained randomness of the site throws me off.

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