3 Elements of a Good Social Media Strategy

8 thoughts on “3 Elements of a Good Social Media Strategy”

  1. You make an excellent point in addressing that brands should start crafting their social media strategy with the question of “why” rather than “how”. Brands need to establish why their audience should care and should engage in the brands content in order to be successful. By starting with why, brands have a unified message /goal that they can draft effective content around. LOVE the Apple example!

  2. Great post! I totally agree and actually wrote about the long term goals when looking at the larger picture in developing a social media strategy. The examples you implemented were also really helpful and helped bring life to the tips. Looking at the WHY is how brands will develop a successful strategy because after the “why” is established, the “how” will soon come after.

  3. Great post Cesar! I love the TedTalk, “Why does Apple Command Loyalty.” I have watched it in many classes and enjoy the reverse thinking of Apple, starting with the “Why”. Apple has started by asking themselves not how are they going to do it but why they are does their brand exist. Starting from their purpose and then working to how they will accomplish this, is why they are successful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great post on social media strategy! The video on Apple is one of my favorites. I really like the brand and I think that video does a great job exemplifying them and their success. All brands could benefit from considering why instead of just how and what, yet many fail to do so. I’ve seen the video in 4 other classes, and it always leaves me feeling impressed after every time I watch it. I also enjoyed your reference to Sarah Van Elzen’s presentation at the PR Summit-she taught so many valuable lessons on content!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I asked myself the same thing after watching the Apple video because it makes so much sense when that guy says it, but it’s a concept probably easier said than done.

  5. Great post Cesar! I like your use of videos in your post. I also agree with your point of considering why. I think a lot of companies hop onto social media because it’s the trendy thing, but companies have to know why they are actually going on social media before they actually go on social media, or else they will fail.

  6. I definitely agree with you and great post! I like the point you made about long term goals fitting into the brands success in a social media strategy. I think this is really crucial to bringing popularity and awareness to a brand because it shows that they don’t just do create great content at the beginning but instead carry it through out their whole brand lifetime.

  7. I really like how you highlighted the importance of measurement in social media. It is one thing to rapidly sent out content and another to know if that content is effective. If a company is simply pushing out content to an uninterested audience, it will only drive the audience away.

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