The value of a handshake.

5 thoughts on “The value of a handshake.”

  1. I love this post Cesar. I am huge on making and building relationships. I think it’s so important that we cherish those, whether it be professional or friendly or family. Not only does a handshake mean the world, but just saying hello is something that is totally underestimated. I dislike when you walk past someone on the street that you know but don’t say hi because you haven’t interacted with them in a while. I think you should say hi to them. It would really go a long way.

  2. Cesar, this was extremely interesting to read! I know that I catch myself thinking about my day to day actions instead of the human interaction I am participating in at the time. Next time I shake someones hand, I will remember this blog post and wont take the human interaction for granted. Thank for this!

  3. Cesar, in my persuasion class my group researched the value of first impressions and we obviously looked at the handshake, so true that a handshake can go farther than you think. I love how you end your blog post, “Take the chance to stop what you’re was doing, move over to that stranger, offer a hand, and say hello.” I’m going to try and take your advice, thanks!

  4. Hey Cesar,
    This blog encouraged me to make a stronger effort at social networking events. I often stay in my comfort zone by socializing with already-established connections. The courage you wrote of is certainly a value I hope to hone during my senior year at Marquette.

  5. People matter. People are everything. I think that in this day in age many of us think the engagement lies behind the screens of our handheld devices. However the real magic happens when we engage with people face-to-face and build genuine relationships, one handshake at a time.

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